An Endless Christmas

Ruchti, Cynthia. An Endless Christmas. Franklin, TN: Worthy Publishing. 2015.

anendlesschristmas“She said NO!” Finding herself staying with her not-so-possible fiance for the Christmas week, Katie Vale doesn’t accept the marriage proposal from Micah Binder. Surrounded by his huge, loving family, Katie soon realizes there is more to this family than she originally thought. Forgiveness, heartache, faith, love, compassion, hope and the miracles of Christmas, all contribute to a deeper understanding of herself, family, mercy and Jesus…

Perfect for the Christmas season, I adore seasonal novels and novellas this time of year. A new author for me, Cynthia Ruchti will no longer be a stranger. Reminding me of Debbie Macomber, an author I read quite often, An Endless Christmas was full of many characters experiencing real-life, everyday situations. Though the responses to the situations were usually ideal, there was a life-like quality to the events and characters which warmed my heart. Complete with an adorably modern retelling of the Christmas story, this novella is suitable for hot chocolate, warm slippers, a cozy blanket, soft Christmas hymns, and perhaps even a few snowflakes!

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of An Endless Christmas from Worthy Publishing for my honest review*


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