Welcome to Savurbks! Please browse our pages to learn more about us, our rating system and how Savurbks came to be…

“Jen Pen” is a pseudonym for a mother-daughter book reviewing team. While the mother focuses on storyline and emotional impact (thus savoring her books), the daughter focuses on literary technique and character development (thus devouring her books).

Savurbks is the result of wordplay from “savor” books (vs. devour), “Savior” (meaning Christian) and “save your books” (meaning keep reading) combining into “Savurbks”.

2012-Proof-Penny-obv_200Pennies are used as the rating system (rather than stars). Visit our Rating page to learn the system we use to review books.

Savurbks understands the impact literature can have on a reader; therefore, Savurbks is dedicated to good, honest and reliable book reviews in the hopes of providing the reader with excellent reading choices. Keep reading!!

Thank-you for visiting Savurbks; please come back often! (Please feel free to follow us for updates on new posts.)

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37 thoughts on “About

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  2. What a fantastic idea. Too often I buy first…check out reviews later. 😦 I like your dual approach!

    Thanks for following my blog, by the way.

    May your joint venture flourish.

    Praising Jesus – the Original Word!

  3. Here I am setting to go into a Human Trafficking conference in SW Michigan and up popped your review! I went through your list of reviews looking for a Christian memoir like mine (which is really a cultural memoir with a spiritual twist . . . agent pending) looking for something similar but the closest is probably the Amish wife tale. My story really a Samaritan woman’s tale as I was not Christian for most of the book– but in desperate search for a deeper meaning to life after a NDE when I was five. In any case I wonder if you’ve reviewed any memoirs with Christian message set in a completely different culture. I’d like to hear about them!

    • As a dog lover, following your blog was a no-brainer. I have several posts on my blog concerning dogs as well as books about dogs I have reviewed. As we have changed the world for our own (rescued) dogs, they, in turn, have changed our world by teaching us so much about life.

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog and following! I’d be happy to provide you with a free PDF version of my books if you’d like to read them. Naturally, I’d be happy to have a review, but not required. Like your name too!

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