Jen Pen wants to know…where is your favorite spot to read a good book? Could it be on the beach, in a coffee shop, by the fire, or in the Up North woods on a hammock? Please share your most comfy place with a book!


Jen Pen has shared her thoughts on the books she has read and now wants to know what books you have your noses in…so, how about A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS:

Do you enjoy Christian historical, contemporary, mystery or action books? Please share a book you may have read in that genre as well!

Glad you joined us at Savurbks!!


13 thoughts on “Chat

  1. While I love Christian historical fiction, I also enjoy an action or mystery! One I would recommend is “The Guardian” by Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed!

  2. I really enjoy an exciting, mysterious, action book that keeps you on the edge of your seat!!!! A great book series to read is the Red Rock Mysteries by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry.

  3. I love just about all kinds of Christian novels…not really into the fantasy books, but all the other genres, if well written I can sit and read for hours! I’m not much of a non-fiction reader but I just finished reviewing a book I received from BookSneeze called, I Call Shotgun by Tommy Newberry and Curt Beavers. It’s a fantastic book full of letters each author has written to each of their sons on various topics and values. It’s literally one of the best books a dad can read and share with his son that I’ve ever heard of. You can check it out yourself, or read the review on my blog. It would be a great Father’s Day gift.

    I like your blog! Any blog that reviews Christian books is one that I’ll come back to. I’m glad I found it.

    • Thank-you for the suggestion of the book; I will definitely check it out! I am always looking for new genres to try while enjoying my favorite, Christian historical fiction.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just won one of 4 books Tracie has generosly donated to the giveaway on my blog. I have sent you an e-mail which you need to reply to within 5 days to secure your prize. But other than that, enjoy šŸ™‚

  5. I can read anywhere I can sit, and sometimes where I stand! I’m an avid reader and usually average about 300 books a year. That slowed down a little this past year due to health problems. Hopefully, I’ll get back into full reading mode again this year.
    One book I just finished and reviewed is, Setting Your Fields on Fire by William Thornton. Wow, is it different! It really challenges you to think about yourself and your church, plus has a little comedy thrown in for good measure.
    Thanks for all your reviews!
    God’s Blessings!!

    • I can also read just about anywhere and find myself reading just about anything (billboards, cereal boxes, informational signs). I love to read!!
      I may have to take a peek at the book you just finished- sounds interesting! Thanks for visiting!

      • I’m the same way! I started reading at a very young age and enjoy it immensely!
        That book is touted as a comedy, and it does have a few comedic moments, however it is a very serious book. There are many profound insights and lessons. I think you would enjoy it.
        God’s Blessings!

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