Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation

Schabacker, Jay. Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation. USA: 2013.

designA true “coffee table” book full of gorgeous pictures, scripture verses, and thoughtful explanations all centered around God’s amazing and astonishing six days of creation. From a scientific approach to creation, this book explains how everything is so well orchestrated to a purposeful design. An introduction and bibliography/ recommended reading list are included at the end of this stunning book.

Wow…what an absolutely beautiful book written on a glorious subject. I loved the pictures, scientific explanations (of tides, stars, instincts, cells, seasons, and more) related directly to creation, and appreciated the personal touch too. The book also suggests “What if?” questions pertaining to the information to make one ponder and realize the perfect balance God had in mind. This book would be wonderful as a homeschool reference, a Confirmation gift or even as a tool to witness to others of God’s great Plan. Definitely a book I will share on my coffee table as a reminder of God’s design and love for His people.

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation from the Jay Schabacker and BookCrash for my honest review*


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