Finding God in the Hunger Games

Sarns, Selena. Finding God in the Hunger Games. The Bible People. 2013

Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games has become a very popular mainstream book series. Selena Sarns has created a book with short devotionals designed for readers of the Hunger Games. The devotionals connect sections of the books to Christian concepts and then provide a thought to ponder.

Selena Sarns connects the Hunger Games to Christian concepts by using the technique of parallelism. The method has both pros and cons. The devotion is written for fans of Hunger Games. Sarns makes broad connections between events within the novels and Christian concepts. (For example…Katniss took her sister’s place for the Games as Jesus took our place on the cross; however, the issue of the actual Games and controversial concepts associated with them are not addressed.)
If using the devotional for adult readers, the broad parallelisms provided excellent starting points for deep thought and arriving at personal conclusions. For those using the devotion to guide young adults or even youth readers, further discussion is needed because of possible lack of understanding of the deeper issues. This devotional serves as an excellent conversation starter in attempting to explain the ramification of these issues.

My Rating:
4 (out of 5) Pennies (for Adult readers)
3 (out of 5) Pennies (for Youth readers)

*I received a complimentary copy of Finding God in the Hunger Games from BookCrash and The Bible People for my honest review.*


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