Head in the Clouds

Witmeyer, Karen. Head in the Clouds. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House. 2010.

Head in the CloudsAdelaide Proctor travels out west as a governess for Gideon Westcott’s young daughter, Isabella. Adelaide, with her nose constantly in a book and a creative imagination contrasts Gideon, the young rancher with an English background and no patience for distractions. Despite being opposites, Gideon and Adelaide must work together for a common goal – protecting Isabella.

Karen Whitmeyer captivates her reader with the adorable Adelaide. Adelaide is both independent and imaginative. The reader is constantly amused by Adelaide’s firecracker qualities. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, the reader can’t help but wonder what is under Gideon’s gruff exterior.

The plot moves quickly with constant action. The story contains romance, adventure, mystery and humor all combined into one storyline. Karen Witmeyer leaves her reader wishing the story to never end. It is a book you will find yourself reading multiple times to join Adelaide with your own “head in the clouds”

5 (Out of 5 pennies)


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