Home Run

Thrasher, Travis. Home Run. Colorado Springs, CO: David C Cook, 2013.


0781408385Cory Brand returns to his hometown after being suspended from his Major League Baseball Team. As part of his suspension, Cory finds himself coaching a little league baseball team and attending a faith-based recovery program. The experience in his hometown forces him to confront his past and find the road to healing in the future.


Travis Thrasher provides the reader with an in-depth view of Cory Brand. Thrasher uses a narrative structure that acts as a window into Cory’s past and present by using flashbacks that act as a stream of consciousness narration thus allowing for the reader to experience the inner thoughts of Cory.

The result of the narrative techniques used by Thrasher is an understanding of Cory’s struggles to overcome addiction. A reader unfamiliar with struggles such as Cory’s quickly becomes empathetic to his situation, causing one to marvel at God’s grace. Due to the inclusion of a recovery program that is faith based, the story retains a hopeful tone although the material explores difficult topics. Although the reader may anticipate the ending, it does not diminish the effect of the book. The book engages, enlightens and envelopes the reader with the main message being God’s redemption.

RATING: 4 (OUT OF 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Home Run from David C Cook for my honest review*


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