Love’s Winter Hope

Rawlings, Naomi. Love’s Winter Hope: An Eagle Harbor Novel- Book 5. Cedar Lake Press Publishing. 2017.

Set in Michigan’s Upper Keweenaw Peninsula, in the remote town of Eagle Harbor, Love’s Winter Hope continues the Eagle Harbor series with the story of Thomas and Jessalyn. Having left home 5 years prior to make a better life for his family, Thomas writes weekly and sends money for Jessalyn and his daughters to join him. Never receiving the letters, Jessalyn considers herself abandoned and needing to care for herself and young children. When Thomas finally arrives in Eagle Harbor to bring his family back to South Dakota, he discovers a different reception than planned. Still legally married yet experiencing troubles, Thomas vows to spend the winter in Eagle Harbor trying to change his wife’s mind…

Faithfully a fan of the Eagle Harbor series, I was excited to read the newest book in the series, Love’s Winter Hope. With a gorgeous cover and a brilliant story within, I loved it from start to finish. Enjoying revisiting characters from previous novels while focusing on Thomas and Jessalyn this time, I was captured by the storyline of the married couple taking place in the middle of winter (as spring is sprung). Very glad there will be more books coming within this series though I will need to find patience to wait until winter of next year for the release. One of my favorite authors and definitely one of my favorite series!

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Love’s Winter Hope from the author for my honest review*


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