Life Unstuck

Layton, Pat. Life Unstuck: Finding Peace with Your past, Purpose in Your Present, Passion for Your Future. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell Publishing. 2015.

unstuckGod doesn’t intend for us to be stuck in life, He wants us to live life unstuck. By allowing the past to dictate the future, a life full of blessings may be missed. Reminding us that today will be the past by tomorrow, Pat Layton shares how to “unstuck” our lives by dealing with the past (unstuck love, unstuck forgiveness, unstuck light), enjoying the present and embracing the future.

What an inspiring notion…living life to the fullest unstuck! From the catchy cover to the interwoven creative theme throughout, Life Unstuck shares such an important message in a non-threatening, encouraging and compassionate manner. I appreciated all the personal stories, scriptures, truths, hand-holding, Biblical stories and especially the Manifesto at the beginning of the book (to be re-read over and over until the message sticks). Perfect for a Bible study, women’s ministry, book club or a personal up-lifting, Life Unstuck delivers a much-needed lesson to enjoy God’s grace in life, unstuck from what prevents happiness and worth. Well done!

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Life Unstuck from Revell Publishing for my honest review*


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