Happy Habits for Every Couple

Lipp, Roger and Kathi. Happy Habits for Every Couple: 21 Days to a Better Relationship. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers. 2009.

happyhabitsFormatted in three weeks worth of projects (activities), Happy Habits for Every Couple is a marriage project designed to put love and laughter back in a relationship. With homework before the 21 days begin, the necessary steps are explained and encouraged (babysitters, schedules, calendar) to help ensure success.  Each individual project is then described, the purpose given, a brief scripture, devotion, or thought interwoven, a prayer, and then the results (reactions to project). A few extra projects sprinkled throughout keep the humor, wit and fun involved.

I have to admit, I think the book cover is absolutely adorable! With well-planned out ideas, solid explanations, humor added and true devotion to marriage noticeable, Roger and Kathi Lipp present a fun, doable, faith-filled manner in which to liven up a relationship. With years of experience, written from a friendly point-of-view as well as tested with many couples, Happy Habits for Every Couple may help to improve a struggling marriage, put life and laughter back into a mundane relationship, or strengthen a solid couple even more. God constructed marriage so wouldn’t He be pleased if it was held in high esteem, protected while also being enjoyed?

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Happy Habits for Every Couple from Harvest House Publishers for my honest review*


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