Water Walker

Dekker, Ted. Water Walker: The Outlaw Chronicles. Brentwood, TN: Worthy Publishing. 2014.

waterwalkerHaving spent years in an orphanage, Alice Ringwald has no memory past the last six months. Recently adopted by a couple, Alice has settled into her new normal life. When a man appears claiming to be her father and kidnaps her, Alice finds herself with a new family in the Louisiana swamplands. Finding no escape, Alice loses hope until she meets the Outlaw…

Having recently read Eyes Wide Open, I enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to read another book in the Outlaw Chronicles series. Water Walker exceeded my expectations in that, if possible, I enjoyed it even more than the first book in the series. Styled as a modern parable, it teaches of forgiveness, acceptance and faith in God. Extremely captivating, consistently moving, suspensefully thrilling, smoothly expressed…Water Walker is definitely a page turner to the very end. Born to missionary parents in Indonesia, Ted Dekker is a very talented New York Times best-selling author of many novels, two of which have been made into movies.

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Water Walker from Worthy Publishing for my honest review*


3 thoughts on “Water Walker

  1. I could not agree with you more about taking advantage of the opportunity to read this. After reading the first book in this series, I absolutely had to read this one. Is this how all of Dekker’s books are?!?! He pulled me right in. His writing goes deeper and deeper the further you go with reading. That’s my impression anyway.

    I enjoyed this book a lot. It was mesmerizing and chillingly focused. I felt like there were so many levels to this one.

    I take it you will be going on to book three. I think I’ll join you. Let’s talk after. Yes?


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