Fiery Secrets

McCall, Stephanie. Fiery Secrets. USA: HopeSprings Books. 2013.

fierysecretsDr. Grace Taylor, a pediatrician and single mom, needs to recover from situations and consequences from her past. Her young son, Jacob, struggles with his own problems. Add Chris Anderson, a teacher/ tutor with his own set of distresses along with other involved characters to a blossoming relationship as trust, hope, healing and a possible future ensue, and Fiery Secrets starts to really heat-up (pun intended).

I can usually tell from the first page or two if I will like the book and author. As a new author, Stephanie McCall took a novel approach (again, pun intended). Her characters and their struggles are actually very relevant in today’s world and were treated with knowledge and respect. The length of the book as well as the believable outcomes were also very well done. Even the title was relevant to the development of the plot. I am a little surprised this is her first novel…I truly hope she continues to write. As a side note, I enjoyed the set-up of the book with the sturdier cover, the art design continued throughout the chapters, and even the whiter pages with the chosen font style. (I tend to enjoy books thoroughly from cover-to-cover.)

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Fiery Secrets from BookCrash and HopeSprings Books for my honest review*


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