The Secrets of Paper and Ink


Harrel, Lindsay. The Secrets of Paper and Ink. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. 2019.

Split between England in the 1850’s and here in the present day, The Secrets of Paper and Ink travels on a journey with three women who connect in the process of finding forgiveness, redemption and love. Sophia, dealing with the guilt of an abusive relationship, Ginny, trying to pick up the pieces after her husband left, and Emily, discovered by the other women through her diary written many years ago, all relate in a manner unforeseen. With a dual timeline story surrounding a journal found in a bookstore, author Lindsay Harrel shares the struggles, challenges, heartbreaks, and friendships of life.

Loving the idea of a story involving a bookstore with lots of books, a bookstore owner hoping to keep her store, a cute literature professor and a written journal found among the shelves, I knew I had to read The Secrets of Paper and Ink. Filled with a bit of mystery, 3 interesting women characters with real-life issues, a bookstore filled with books (can you tell I love to read?), and a storyline which bounces back and forth in time, I truly enjoyed this novel by Lindsay Harrel. Reading it in just two evenings, it flowed easily, kept my interest, and was relatable to everyday life. I hope for a sequel to this novel, allowing me to catch up with Sophia, Ginny and Emily.

RATING: 4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Secrets of Paper and Ink from BookLook Bloggers for my honest review*


Extraordinary Ordinary Moments

Hurley, Jorey. Extraordinary Ordinary Moments: A Journal. USA: Clarkson Potter/ Publishers. 2016.


A journal for appreciating the beautiful, the quirky, the surprising, and the overlooked, Extraordinary Ordinary Moments is full of brief writing prompts for noticing just such moments. With delicately and lightly colored drawings quietly enhancing the pages, each sheet of this thick book causes thinking, looking, considering, deciding and sharing things, situations, occurrences and events often taken for granted, neglected or considered mundane. Prompts (such as comfort food, art you love, something that cost too much but was so worth it, a victory and something that hurts in a good way -hint: picture of a jalapeño pepper included), occupy each page yet leave plenty of room to write, doodle, draw and remember…

In this often overly busy world, too often the little things are often overlooked, forgotten or ignored. Taking the time to focus on those items can bring focus, blessings and peace while reminiscing and enjoying. Able to skip around, work through in order, or put away and revisit, author, graphic designer and illustrator, Jorey Hurley, does an excellent job with this journal. Even the raised orange peel on the cover is inviting! Definitely a book I will use as well as purchase and gift to others.

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Extraordinary Ordinary Moments from Blogging For Books for my honest review*

Your Story Matters

Smith, Emra.  Your Story Matters: Tea Time Stories- The Essence of Why Your Story Matters.  Our Written Lives Of Hope, LLC- Publisher.  2015.


Your story matters- no matter how big, small, wide, terrible, wonderful, loud or quiet- your story matters.  Sharing her own story, author Emra Smith encourages women of all backgrounds to do the same.  Little stories combined make up a larger story, which dictates the full picture of who we are, have been, and may be.  Through empathy, honesty, encouragement, inspiration and direction, Your Story Matters helps those ready to write their story and leave their legacy, do it in a brilliant, heartfelt, non-judgmental, faith-filled manner.

So much inspiration packed into a smaller, more compact, totally cute little book.  Easy-to-read snippets, filled with emotions,  tons of support, and further resources, I enjoyed this heartening book as much as I had hoped I would.  Sure to change your view on sharing your own story and perhaps on how truly involved God is in your life stories, the Tea Time theme throughout only makes it even more effective.  Well done!


4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Your Story Matters from the author and BookCrash for my honest review*


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