Sleiman, Dina L. Dauntless: Valiant Hearts- Book 1. Bloomington, MN: Bethany House Publishers. 2015.

dauntlessDaring, courageous and dauntless, Lady Merry Ellison guides and protects a group of orphaned children who were thrust into the woods upon losing their parents. Known as the Ghosts of Farthingale Forest, Merry’s task becomes more dangerous as their reputation and fame grow. Timothy Grey, lost in the shuffle of a larger family, must perform a distinguished deed to gain a title of his own. When Timothy discovers who the leader of the Ghosts actually is, hard decisions must be made…

A spirited cross between Robin Hood and Peter Pan, Dauntless delivered on adventure, mystery, suspense, romance and conviction of faith. Marketed as YA literature, it may actually be enjoyed by all ages. As a new author to me, I certainly will watch for other books by Dina Sleiman, particularly the next book in the Valiant Hearts series. Though not necessarily my favorite genre in fiction, I did enjoy the medieval time frame (and adored the book cover). While I found the historical notes at the end interesting, it was the author’s message to her readers at the beginning, which touched my heart.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Dauntless from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review*