Socially Confident in 60 Seconds

Pegues, Deborah Smith. Socially Confident in 60 Seconds: Practical Tips For Navigating Any Situation. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers.


Making a good impression in various situations is so important to confidence and success in both the personal and business environments. Including cell phone etiquette, common courtesies, houseguest guidelines, meeting protocols, social media and many more, Socially Confident in 60 Seconds provides tips, information, strategies and manners for tackling interviews, business dining, introductions and networking. Speaker, personal empowerment strategist, leadership coach and author Deborah Smith Pegues, willingly shares her knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas.

Impressions, manners, courtesies, and appropriateness are so important yet sometimes lacking. Definitely an easy book to browse, with tips bulleted within each section as well as many situations addressed, this book organizes and highlights some of the most important socially appropriate actions. From church etiquette, to home office image, to funeral etiquette and proper grammar, Socially Confident in 60 Seconds is a wonderful review (or instruction) to help avoid social blunders, rudenessĀ and awkwardness. Great for adults, teenagers and even young ones, the section on cell phone etiquette should be required reading for all.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Socially Confident in 60 Seconds from Harvest House Publishers for my honest review*