World of the Innocent


Keels, Nadine. World of the Innocent. CreateSpace Publishing. 2017.

Becoming a young woman and realizing her own inward growth, Jhoi (pronounced JOY) has never considered Marcus more than just a friend. As a poetic artist, Jhoi has always been just friends with the somewhat-strange yet admired Marcus but something seems to be changing. As she explores her conflicting thoughts and feelings in this well-developed novella, Jhoi slowly, deeply and carefully makes the transition from childhood to young adult. Built on trust, morals and respect, the developing relationship between Jhoi and Marcus is endearing, heartening, and innocent.

As a favorite author of mine, I know author Nadine Keels will deliver a well-written, character-deep, word-conscious piece. Her newest release, World of the Innocent, is no exception. Feeling the pull from the first few pages already, I enjoyed the style and voice with which this story was written. Though perhaps more a contemporary young adult book, I enjoyed it none-the-less. With a respectful message, a morally strong relationship and a durable faith, I wouldn’t hesitate to share nor recommend this sweet novella.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of World of the Innocent from the author for my honest review*

The “She” Stands Alone

Keels, Nadine C. The “She” Stands Alone. Smashwords. 2014.

shestandsDumped by gorgeous David, Sheridan Jones is heartbroken. Vowing to be done with men, “She Sher” (as she calls herself) styles a new hairdo, flaunts a new pair of red boots, and obtains a new attitude all her own…until the neighbor-mailman, Eugene, starts to show an interest in this contemporary romance…

Trusting her reviews of books, I was thrilled to be granted the chance to review one of fellow-blogger-friend Nadine Keels’ own stories. As a novelette (48 pages), this short story developed the characters surprisingly well. With strong messages of being comfortable in your own skin as well as not judging a book by the cover (or a person by his hair), this likable novelette felt much longer, while still being a very quick read. Perhaps a bit of confusing self-dialog in the beginning, once I caught on to the style, I so enjoyed the self-talks with Sheridan! Humor, good advice and life-lessons all ravel together for a deeper but surely entertaining piece.

3.5 (out of 5) pennies
*Rating based largely on length of story (being a novelette vs. full-length), writing quality alone would be rated higher.

*I received a complimentary copy of The “She” Stands Alone from the author for my honest review*