Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin

Hintz, Martin. Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin. Charleston, SC: The History Press. 2012.

talesFull of mini-tales from the Badger State, Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin reminds readers of events in the past so as to make the present more meaningful. Odd facts, little stories, unique tidbits and history “did-you-knows” are all included. Set up in short story format and accompanied by cute illustrations, both humor and wit make this book a true delight. (Part of a series on forgotten tales of various states.)

Quick, light, easy and enjoyable, Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin is fun to read in spurts as time allows. I appreciated the extra knowledge to drop into conversations as well as learn about the history of Wisconsin. Perfect as a gift for history buffs, Badger fans, long-time WI residents or anyone interested in extra “useless knowledge”. (Topics include speed limits, the auto industry, prohibition, the circus, murder mysteries and politics.) I liked the style in which it was written as well as the format. It is just the right size to tuck in my purse for those few minutes while waiting.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin from The History Press for my honest review*