Hope Unashamed


Keels, Nadine. Hope Unashamed: When It’s Time Series- Book 2. Smashwords. 2017.

As a good student with high morals, Arthur didn’t have time for girls. That is, until he met Lorraine which changed everything. Beginning as a high school romance and continuing the journey into adulthood, Hope Unashamed is filled with sweetness, innocence, perseverance, and hope. Written in a unique manner, author Nadine Keels travels back into the first book of the When It’s Time series where Arthur made his debut, his backstory is learned from his own point of view. Filling the gaps and then moving forward, the storyline only becomes fuller.

With not only a new and interesting story manner but also words that so eloquently and naturally flow, Hope Unashamed has the power to draw you into a story through a connection with the characters. Absolutely relating to the way in which she writes, I am a huge fan of author Nadine Keels. With a talent for developing a deep and entire story within a novella, I can only hope there are more books already being worked on in this series because if history repeats itself, they will only keep getting better. (Adorable cover, too!)

4.75 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Hope Unashamed from the author for my honest review*


Hunting Hope

Maples, Nika. Hunting Hope: Dig Through the Darkness to Find the Light. Franklin, TN: Worthy Publishing. 2016.


Having been through tough times herself, speaker, educator and author Nike Maples shares the importance of hope in her own life while paralleling it to the Bible. Comparing the rough seasons of life to the cold, dreary, lifeless season of winter, she reminds us even then we are not alone and that our God truly cares and accompanies us during those times. Illustrating the many hope hunters in the Bible- Paul, Moses, Joseph- personal stories, encouragement and hope are given throughout.

So relate-able, so well-written and so personally encouraging, Hunting Hope inspires, reminds, strengthens and embraces while waiting for the sun to appear again. Using those dark times as a means to draw us closer to Him, believing and growing stronger in faith help remind us God is always in control (as hard as that can be to understand at times). Read in snippets or straight through, it is easy to follow and become immersed in, especially given her humor at points (like trying to find a rhyme for her name). Perfect as a Bible study, sermon series or a gift for someone in the midst of a winter season, this book will remain on my own bookshelf to be reread during my own chilly frosts.

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Hunting Hope from Worthy Publishing for my honest review*