When a Woman Chooses to Forgive

Brodersen, Cheryl. When a Woman Chooses to Forgive: Finding Freedom in Letting Go. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers. 2014.

forgivenessBy helping to understand forgiveness, realizing why we aren’t ready to forgive and why it is important to extend grace to others, Cheryl Brodersen explains the steps to finding freedom through forgiveness. With a multitude of examples, some deeply painful, she describes the process along with the resulting releasing outcomes. As Jesus Christ has forgiven us, we must forgive others.

Throughout life, we encounter many trials that require forgiveness, both of ourselves and others. In a compassionate manner, the author patiently explains the effects (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) of unforgiveness, how to start the transformation towards forgiveness, along with the necessary tools to continue until freedom is achieved. Extremely relevant, thoroughly explained, and exceedingly practical, Cheryl Brodersen does an excellent job. Coupled with inspiring stories, biblical insights and heartbreaking examples, this book was wonderful as a personal read yet would work well for a group study. After-all, who doesn’t need forgiveness nor not have someone to forgive? Definitely worth the time for a life-changing opportunity!

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of When a Woman Chooses to Forgive from Harvest House Publishers for my honest review*