Shelter of the Most High


Cossette, Connilyn.  Shelter of the Most High: Cities of Refuge, Book 2.  Bloomington, MN: Bethany House Publishers.  2018.

Wanting to spend just a few more minutes in her favorite place- the ocean, Sofea and her cousin, Prezi, dive down one more time. However, upon surfacing, they find themselves captives to a group of marauders who torched their village. Forced to travel aboard a ship across the ocean to Canaan, Sofea meets Eitan, who must remain in the city of Kedesh due to a childhood secret he harbors. Faced with hauntings of the past, caught in a present betrayal and pondering their mutual attraction, Sofea and Eitan need to decide how to approach their challenges while protecting their safety.  Author Connilyn Cossette writes an intriguing, soul-searching, deeply moving story in her newest book, Shelter of the Most High.

With a stunningly gorgeous cover and a beautifully written story within, Shelter of the Most High was absolutely breathtaking. Not able to put the book down once I started, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, although, I did close it briefly every once in a while to gaze at the beautiful cover again and again. Written fictionally about an unfamiliar Biblical time in history, the author’s notes and conversational questions at the end of the book complete this inspiring story. Though book 2 in the Cities of Refuge series, I had no problem reading it without reading book 1, A Light on the Hill, but do look forward to learning more about the involved characters. A new author for me, I am thrilled she has written previous books which I definitely plan to read.

5+ (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Shelter of the Most High from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review*


Land of Silence

Afshar, Tessa. Land of Silence. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers. 2016.


With a name meaning “My God has favored me” given to her by her father, Elianna lives a life consumed with guilt over the death of her younger brother. As trial after trial burdens her life, Elianna continues to live with shame, guilt and the heaviness of her circumstances. Making decisions which are both devastating yet heart-felt, she learns of the man whose garment can heal through touch; thus, sharing the story of the woman was lived unclean for 12 years yet found healing in so many ways…

As a Christy award-winning author, author of several Biblical-fictional works, and a highly recommended author, it is hard to believe this is the first book by author Tessa Afshar that I have read. With a previous book of hers on my to-be-read stack, I am now sorry it slipped towards the bottom of the pile. As a fictional account of a woman from the Bible, I believe it was done with respect, emotion, knowledge and substance. With Bible verses beginning each chapter with a hint of what was to follow, I became emotionally involved with the lead character, Elianna, and felt each crushing event along with her. Definitely a well-written novel from an author I will now search out, moving her previous book upward in my TBR collection.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Land of Silence from Tyndale House Publishing for my honest review*