The Butterfly and the Violin

Cambron, Kristy. The Butterfly and the Violin: A Hidden Masterpiece Novel. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. 2014.

violinSet in present day New York City yet intertwined with the past in Vienna, Austria, Sera James feels a strong connection to the woman, Adele Von Bron, in the painting. Owning an art gallery in New York, Sera remembers when she first saw the painting of Adele with the shaved head, tattoo on her upper arm and the sad yet determined blue eyes. As Austria’s sweetheart of the violin in the 1940’s, Adele must follow what is in her heart, no matter where it may lead her…

What a deeply written novel which perfectly combines past and present in a smooth and logical manner. Though not an easy subject (Auschwitz) to broach by any means, Kristy Cambron approached it with the respect and honesty it requires. For a debut novel, this was exemplary; I wanted to keep reading yet didn’t want to continue as I knew it would then end. Though I would have preferred a slightly different ending, I understand why the author chose to complete it the way in which she did. Aptly named with a beautifully designed cover, The Butterfly and the Violin will stay with you for quite some time after turning the last page.

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Butterfly and the Violin from BookLook Bloggers and Thomas Nelson for my honest review*