The Memory House

Hauck, Rachel. The Memory House. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishing. 2019.

Another dual timeline story by award-winning/ best-selling author, Rachel Hauck.  In her newest novel, The Memory House, two women share grief, sorrow, loss, hope, love and faith through a common strong connection. Everleigh Applegate and Beck Holliday, though separated by over 50 years, find solace, answers and a future through the “Memory House”.  Set in the 1960’s yet also the present day, as the timespan starts to shrink between them, the bond grows deeper between the women while they search for forgiveness, overcome guilt, learn to trust again, and listen to their hearts…

Yet again author Rachel Hauck conquers the difficulty of successfully writing between two timeframes. Leaping back and forth while connecting the women in a common thread, I wasn’t sure she could do it again (but she did)! As a favorite author of mine, I knew I would read The Memory House and am certainly glad I did. With real characters, a strong message, an interesting connection and subtle faith, the newest novel from this author may just be her best. Beautifully written in a readable style, I am already waiting for her next story.  Success…again!

RATING: 4.75 (out of ) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Memory House from BookLook Bloggers for my honest review*


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