Before We Were Yours

Wingate, Lisa. Before We Were Yours. New York, USA: Ballantine Books. 2017.

In 1939, wrested from their familiar and enchanting home aboard the Arcadia, a shantyboat traveling the Mississippi River, Rill and her siblings soon find themselves at the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. Under the direction of Georgia Tann, many children were snatched and brought to the orphanage where they awaited adoption from wealthy, prominent citizens. Meanwhile, in present day, Avery Stafford stumbles upon some information that haunts her until she solves the secrecy of the notion. Determined to uncover her own involvement with her family’s history, as the story unfolds with times and events converging, Avery’s disclosure may affect all those around her.

Fictionalizing the true story of Georgia Tann and her involvement with a plentitude of scandalous adoptions, New York Times Bestselling author, Lisa Wingate, writes a deeply moving story. Utterly heartbreaking yet beautifully redemptive, Before We Were Yours is so well written and so emotionally grabbing, it is hard to put down. Though the subject matter was difficult to read, I couldn’t stop and even found myself thinking of the novel throughout the day. With a note from the author at the end of the book surrounding the actual facts of this true account, this story was quite authentic. Liking to find the reason or intent behind the title of a book, this one was perfectly named and even had a relevant picture which spoke volumes upon finishing the book.

5+ (out of 5) pennies


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