If I’m Found

Blackstock, Terri. If I’m Found: If I Run Series- Book 2. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing. 2017.

Casey Cox is still on the run, hoping not to be found. With Dylan Roberts chasing right on her heels, he might just catch her, but not quite. As the tension continues from If I Run, book 1 of the If I Run series, Casey finds herself facing yet another injustice involving a small child. Though unwilling to be caught, she cannot bear to ignore the situation, resulting in even more dangerous circumstances. As the suspense mounts, the danger increases, the characters become desperate and the plot thickens, best-selling author Terri Blackstock doesn’t back down…

Not being able to turn the pages fast enough nor keep the midnight oil burning long enough, I just had to finish this fast-paced, action-packed, suspense-filled novel. Riveting characters coupled with great writing make this quite the thriller. Touching on difficult issues between the hide-and-seek, some may find it hard to read. Having read If I Run and waiting for If I’m Found, I now must (impatiently) wait for the conclusion to the series, If I Live, due out in 2018. Captivating cover, too!

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of If I’m Found from BookLook Bloggers for my honest review*


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