Successful Women Speak Differently

Burton, Valerie. Successful Women Speak Differently: 9 Habits That Build Confidence, Courage, & Influence. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers. 2016.


With a strong message to stop underestimating yourself and start believing you are capable of far more than you know, author Valerie Burton emphasizes the importance of communication and the power of words to strengthen successes and minimize failures. Full of research, personal stories and reliance on Scripture, Successful Women Speak Differently is organized into chapters focusing on the 9 habits that build confidence, courage and influence. With each chapter introducing the key factors, scripts for success, points every woman should know, self-coaching strategies, and a vital aspect to remember, this book is a powerful tool.

Having read several of her previous books, I know Valerie Burton uses a no-nonsense direction to obtaining success. As a life coach who encourages, guides, and ultimately delivers, her books are well written, interesting, organized and to the point. Heralding and defining the importance of communication, Successful Women Speak Differently is full of necessary and dynamic directives for strength, confidence and success. Perfect for most everyone to read as it deals with networking, interviewing, and communicating both in personal relationships and work environments. Definitely a book I will refer to again and again; a lot of knowledge is packed into this mighty book.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Successful Women Speak Differently from Harvest House Publishers for my honest review*


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