Fatal Frost

Mehl, Nancy. Fatal Frost: Defenders of Justice- book 1. Bloomington, MN: Bethany House Publishers. 2016.


As a member of the law enforcement, US Marshal Mercy Brennan understands danger. Though absent from her life for many years, Mercy’s father makes a reappearance. Now in danger herself, Mercy must trust her ex boyfriend, Deputy US Marshal Mark St. Laurent, to keep her safe while battling an ice storm, hiding from a deadly enemy, and guarding her own heart in the process…

As another romantic suspense novel from author Nancy Mehl, Fatal Frost was a great start to the new series, Defenders of Justice. Full of suspense, a bit of mystery, subtle faith and of course, some romance, this was a quick fulfilling read. Though perhaps a little predictable in parts, it was still a story I wanted to finish to the end. Extra thoughtful was the dedication page to law enforcement men and women, as well as a beautiful poem from her mom to her son. Definitely a series I will continue, I look forward to the next installment.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Fatal Frost from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review*


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