Greek For Everyone

Thornhill, A. Chadwick. Greek For Everyone: Introductory Greek For Bible Study And Application. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. 2016.


As chair of theological studies and assistant professor of apologetics and biblical studies, author A. Chadwick Thornhill shares his knowledge of teaching and familiarity with the Greek language. While learning Greek to study the New Testament opens a new and closer translation, and as a beginning course to Greek allowing for understanding the basics and more closely interpreting the New Testament, the goal of this book is to study the Greek language as a whole and apply it to the scriptures. With information on learning a new language, decoding the grammar and syntax, beginning interpretive lessons, bridging contexts, and lots of examples and practice, Greek For Everyone is a start to learning a new language.

Being fond of all parts of the English language as well as a few others, reviewing a beginner’s lesson on learning the Greek language was an easy choice. Well organized, easily explained, and non-intimidating, Greek For Everyone is just that…Greek for everyone. With the emphasis on Greek for Bible study, it also includes helpful tips for learning other languages, reviewing basic language skills and components, and applying the language of Greek. As an encouraging developmental manner of learning this language, it is highly effective.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Greek For Everyone from Baker Books for my honest review*


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