Hillsong United : Empires Album

Hillsong United. Hillsong Church T/A Hillsong Music Australia. 2015.


As the newest album from the Australia group Hillsong, this album is packed with music that speaks to the very soul. Quietly reflective yet loudly spoken, the included songs worship God in such a meaningful and beautiful manner. With praise and worship songs, each song touches the heart in different ways with stirring word choices, moving music and soul-reaching messages. Now, this popular Christian contemporary music group shares where it all started and how it all started in a small church town in their new movie, Hillsong-Let Hope Rise, opening in theatres September 16th, 2016. (See the movie trailer here: http://hillsongmovie.com/ ) Leading millions in worship with their songs which are meant to be sung, the movie is sure to touch hearts and souls deeply…

Loving the music of Hillsong, particularly their newest album, especially the song Touch the Sky, I cannot wait to see the movie. Having seen a brief trailer over a year ago, I was thrilled to see my favorite song included in the movie. Beautifully and stirringly sung, the words speak of being closest to God when falling. Treasures, gift of freedom, soul dancing, upward falling, spirit soaring, touching the sky…it all happens when knees hit the ground to become close to God. Knowing every word, I cannot help but sing along!  I know I will definitely be in the theatre this weekend to see it.

5 (out of 5) pennies


2 thoughts on “Hillsong United : Empires Album

    • I had the same impression when I first listened to it; however, after hearing it several times and really listening to the words, I am now in love with it. Especially, Touch the Sky. Cannot wait to see the movie. Thanks for visiting!

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