Dawn at Emberwilde

Ladd, Sarah E. Dawn at Emberwilde: A Treasures of Surrey Novel. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishing. 2016.


Isabel and Lizzie Creston have been students at Fellsworth School for many years until recently. Plucked from the only life they have known for the past years, the girls soon find themselves living with their unknown relatives. As her tidy, controlled, repressed world expands into an unpredictable and unfamiliar way of life, Isabel soon learns the truth of her past which may hold the key to her uncertain future. Mysterious woods, interesting suitors, a predominant relative and matters of the heart all combine and clash in Dawn at Emberwilde

As a favorite author, Sarah E. Ladd is definitely on my must-read-list. Having read the first book in the series, The Curiosity Keeper, I grabbed the chance to read her newest novel, Dawn at Emberwilde, without hesitation. Though not a continuation of the previous novel, the similarity of the school joined the stories together, as well as the style of writing. Taking but a few pages to embrace the current characters, the pages soon turned quickly as the mystery and suspense built. My only regret? Waiting until spring of next year for the third book of the series, A Stranger at Fellsworth

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Dawn at Emberwilde from BookLook Bloggers for my honest review*


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