Good God

Miles, Lucas. Good God: The One We Want to Believe In but Are Afraid to Embrace. Franklin, TN: Worthy Publishing. 2016.


Writer, speaker, life coach, film producer and senior pastor, author Lucas Miles shares in his newest book the evidence he found that God is truly good. Good in a manner that doesn’t allow, prescribe, nor enjoy pain of believers, God exemplifies goodness in all aspects. Refuting popular beliefs, clichés concerning God, and social media buzz surrounding Him, Good God explores the positive, uplifting, encouraging messages of a great God…

Interesting, thought provoking, easy to read and well written, Lucas Miles definitely penned a book worth investigating further. Showing God in such an enlightening way, full of grace and mercy, wanting nothing but the best for His people, this book would be a good start for non-believers, those discouraged with God, people struggling with pain, and anyone turning from Him. Though convincing and backed by his interpretation of scriptures, it may be a bit difficult for anyone firm in their current beliefs, those not willing to change their direction, or people not open to other religious thoughts and ideas. The topic might be good for a further Bible study, a ministry group or perhaps even a sermon series.  God is good!

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Good God from Worthy Publishing for my honest review*


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