The Bee-friendly Garden

Frey, Kate. LeBuhn, Gretchen. The Bee-friendly Garden: Design an abundant, flower-filled yard that nurtures bees and supports biodiversity. USA: Ten Speed Press. 2016.


With more than 30 percent of our food crops as well as 70 percent of the foods we eat depending and benefiting from bee pollination, all types of bees are vitally important to the earth. Stress, parasites, pesticides, habitat loss, and urban development have all recently led to the loss of our friends, the bees. Through tackling myths and facts, describing the basic needs of bees, detailing their importance and helping to generate and preserve the bees’ environments, authors Kate Frey and Gretch LeBuhn share the importance of healthy gardens full of bee-friendly plants. Complimented by gorgeous photographs of bees and gardens, The Bee-friendly Garden is sure to inspire…

Having recently studied the importance of bees and their landscape needs, this beautiful book was perfect as the next step. Along with learning about bee habitats, I also learned quite a bit about all the different types of native bees, from markings and colors to flight patterns (the Honeybee is capable of flying in bad weather due to their ability to shiver and raise their temperature). Not only interesting but so necessary in the preserving of the bee, this book is sure to delight, teach and improve gardens country-wide…I know my front garden will be all the better for it!

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Bee-friendly Garden from Blogging For Books for my honest review*


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