Christmas Star Sapphire

Bridgeman, Hallee. Christmas Star Sapphire: A Novella Inspired by the Jewel Series. Winchester, KY: Olivia Kimbrell Press. 2015.


As kin to the powerful and successful Viscollis Enterprises, Madeline Viscolli is content to earn her graduate degree from a college in Alabama. Meeting a leader in the campus ministry, Joe Westcott, Madeline soon realizes that she and Joe have very different backgrounds, experiences and rules. Through the many trials, Madeline must come to accept that God’s timing may not match her own, especially in her relationship with Joe. With an appropriately titled novella, Christmas Star Sapphire shines brightly with faith, romance and hope…

Though never having read any previous books in the Jewel Sapphire collection, I certainly did enjoy and appreciate this novella inspired by that series. Full of faith, misunderstandings, romance, forgiveness and a few surprises, Christmas Star Sapphire is perfect for the season (although I did read it a bit later than the Christmas season). Complete with a reader’s guide and suggested luncheon menu, some of the included recipes were absolutely delicious. Author, homemaker, blogger, chef and coffee lover, Hallee Bridgeman puts God first in her life and hopes to be a blessing to others…such an example!

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Christmas Star Sapphire from BookCrash and the author for my honest review*


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