Lull, Greg. Lifedeck: Balance The Four Corners Of Your Crazy Life And Be Happier Than You Ever Thought Possible. USA: CrossLink Publishing. 2015.

lifedeckAn out-of-control, crazy, unbalanced life can create havoc on the road through life. Based on the four corners of life: spiritual, physical, relational and financial, pastor and author Greg Lull examines each area. Through personal anecdotes, recollections of friends, Bible stories and explanations, Lifedeck shares, considers, instructs and encourages balance within the four corners. Events, stages, intention, and control are all explored in relation to balancing, simplifying, un-crazying, and responding to situations, many of which attack us at the same time. Finding your own personal profile, plan and action contribute to true happiness with God in control and at the front.

Honestly, hoping this would not be just another self-help book with lists of actions needed, I was very surprised and encouraged to find myself easily reading it from cover-to-cover with my interest intact. The personal stories were reassuring, the Bible characters relate-able, the style interesting, the message inspiring, and the chapter questions intriguing, lending to the importance of responses to situations of imbalance. I really liked his example of the egg and the potato…when placed in hot water, one becomes hard and the other soft. It really made me consider my own responses which led me to realize I need to work on my own balances.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Lifedeck from BookCrash for my honest review*


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