Forgotten Tales of New Mexico

Dornan, Ellen. Forgotten Tales of New Mexico. Charleston, SC: The History Press. 2012.

forgottentalesofnewmexicoFolklore? Truth? Legend? In the book, Forgotten Tales of New Mexico, many tales are shared whether forgotten, stretched, ignored or embellished over the years. Who knew the famous Route 66 had been rerouted? Or, that Governor Perez had been beheaded over wine and tobacco taxes? Or, even that freed slave Cathay Williams passed her physical exam as William Cathay to join the U.S.Army? Relating such antics concerning poisonous politics, traitors, scoundrels, smugglers, witches, strange alliances, wartime and puzzling places, author Ellen Dornan uses her love of New Mexico combined with her creative interactive maps to detail the tales found within this book. Fun and interesting knowledge abounds!

Having already visited New Mexico with another trip scheduled, this eclectic little book of New Mexico tales was perfectly planned. Categorized into similar topics and further divided into a few page-length sections of each anecdote, it is reader-friendly as a straight-through read or skip-around topic browse. Definitely fun for history buffs, New Mexico fans, avid travelers, and me! A necessity in my suitcase on my next trip to the South.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Forgotten Tales of New Mexico from The History Press for my honest review*


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