Girl Meets Change

Strong, Kristen. Girl Meets Change: Truths To Carry You Through Life’s Transitions. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell Publishing. 2015.

girlmeetschangeSet-up in three sections for dealing with change (acknowledge, accept, adapt), author Kristen Strong shares strategies for dealing with change. Be it life-changing, situation-changing, event-changing or heart-changing, Girl Meets Change helps with the mind-numbing, hand-wringing, heart-leaping feelings associated with it. With girlfriend advice, plenty of Scripture and prayers, personal stories and even a bit of attitude adjustments, Kristen Strong cheers you on to victory…

Ugh! Change can be so hard, especially more so as we grow older. Comforting, familiar, quiet…and then change happens, throwing all we know into turmoil. Granted some change is initiated but the random change can throw us for a loop. I appreciated the personal experience with which this author wrote as well as the ideas presented. Not easy but definitely a means of coping, Girl Meets Change encourages faith, friendships and fearlessness in dealing with change. As a popular blogger and writer, Kristen Strong exemplifies her survival of change beautifully.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Girl Meets Change from Revell Publishing for my honest review*


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