The Irresistible Community

Donahue, Bill. The Irresistible Community: An Invitation To Life Together. grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. 2015.

irresistiblecommunitySet around the topics of table, towel and truth, The Irresistible Community explains and encourages the need to be a part of a group. Acceptance, inclusion and ownership coincide in fellowship with Jesus. Modeling the relationship of Jesus with his disciples, Bill Donahue stresses the importance of belonging to a community for all…

I found the organization of this book to be very effective and creative. Introducing each disciple at the beginning of each chapter was a unique approach which set the stage for community involvement. Coordinated into three sections, (table=manners, any community setting, picking your seat…towel=serving, not giving up, arrangement at table…truth=honesty, knowing the difference, being kind), I was able to connect as the theme continued entirely throughout the book. Belonging can be such a powerful tool in bringing people to faith, along with the influence of being a member of a local neighborhood, both ideas which are developed in attainable manners. Perfect as a Bible study or ministry, The Irresistible Community was well done.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Irresistible Community from Baker Publishing Group for my honest review*


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