God Wants To Bless You!

Ahn, Che. God Wants To Bless You: How To Experience The Unconditional Goodness Of God. Minneapolis, MN: Chosen Publishing. 2015.

BlessThough blessings are abundant, not everyone recognizes them, accepts them nor embraces them. Set in two sections, God Wants To Bless You! shows first the power of blessing (what does a blessing look like, the purpose of God’s blessing, why people hunger for blessings), followed by a second section of ten decrees of blessing (love, grace,healing, family, identity). The author, Pastor Che Ahn, believes that anyone can receive blessings if they learn to recognize and understand them…

Full of personal stories shared, scriptures included, and forgiveness shown, God Wants To Bless You! was different than what I was expecting. Perhaps more ideal for those struggling with their faith, I was unable to connect with this book and the style. It might also be perfect for a Bible Study with supporting materials or newer-to-faith members. Attractive cover!

3 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of God Wants To Bless You from Chosen Publishing for my honest review*


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