60 Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol

Lesslie, Robert. 60 Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol: What You Really Need To Know To Save Your Life. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers. 2015.

cholesterolMany people battle high cholesterol, including the author, Robert Eugene. Armed with many  steps to help overcome high cholesterol levels, 60 Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol shares many of those ideas in a simple, easy to understand manner. Stress, sleep, diet and medications can affect cholesterol which in turn can affect blood pressure, cognitive ability and physical well-being. Start the path to better health with fewer risks.

Not necessarily a person who has to watch/ worry about cholesterol, reading this book still provided me with important health knowledge and ideas. Set-up in a style mixing a story with medical information, I found this book a bit hard to follow in the beginning, but soon found myself gaining new perspective on many health details. (I never knew cholesterol affected so many other areas nor was impacted so often by outside factors.) Definitely a good resource, it inspired me to research further certain health topics.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of 60 Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol from Harvest House Publishers for my honest review*


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