To Capture Her Heart

DeMarino, Rebecca. To Capture Her Heart: The Southold Chronicles-Book 2. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell Publishing. 2015.

tocaptureherheartSet in the mid 1600’s, history, romance, adventure, faith, heartache and suspense all collide and combine in To Capture Her Heart. Heather Flower, of the Montaukett Tribe, witnesses the death of her groom while being captured at the same time. Rescued by Lt. Dirk Van Buren yet a close friend of Ben Horton, Heather must decide between friendship, love, and her intentions while battling her heart…

A new author, a new series, a new time period…the combination worked for me! Drawn to the book by the cover, I did also enjoy the story within. Though at brief moments I did feel as if I was missing something in the storyline, this book could stand-alone but I have learned it is a continuation of the previous novel, A Place In His Heart. Basing her recent story on a controversial, perhaps legendary character (Heather Flower) and doing her research at the Southold Indian Museum, Rebecca DeMarino definitely added to my interest in this story. Absolutely a series I will continue after returning to read the first one.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of To Capture Her Heart from Revell Publishing for my honest review.


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