30 Events That Shaped The Church

Gansky, Alton. 30 Events That Shaped The Church: Learning from Scandal, Intrigue, War and Revival. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. 2015.

30eventsReveling in the knowledge that history shapes the present as well as the fact that no man is an island, Alton Gansky explores and explains how 30 events helped determine the church and Christianity as it is today while ultimately changing the world. With events lasting between just hours and as long as years, 30 Events That Shaped The Church examines the past, present and future effects.

Set up in an easy to reference and study manner, Alton Gansky chose the 30 events he felt were important at that moment to include (he admits he had a hard time choosing). I appreciated and found very interesting the events…Pentecost, The Protestant Reformation, The Dead Sea Scrolls. Though familiar with many, I still “brushed-up” on the history of them and actually learned a few tidbits of new knowledge. Designed to be a companion book to 60 People Who Shaped The Church, this book would be a good reference for Confirmands, Bible Studies, Church Leaders or even history buffs. Well thought through, planned, designed and written.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of 30 Events That Shaped The Church from Baker Books for my honest review*


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