The A to Z Guide to Bible Signs & Symbols

Wilson, Neil and Taylor, Nancy Ryken. The A to Z Guide to Bible Signs & Symbols: Understanding Their Meaning and Significance. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books Publishing. 2015.

signsFull of simple yet complex signs and symbols commonly found throughout the Bible, Bible Signs and Symbols teaches, enhances and confirms time spent in the Bible. With common signs meant to point or draw attention to something while symbols represent, both are highlighted in this book (mountain, gold, locust, arm, door, meal). Each two-page layout contains a definition of the word, the meaning of the word as used in the Bible, several examples of scripture containing the word, a key verse, an extra interesting tidbit and beautiful pictures.

Amazing! Bible Signs and Symbols is such a beautiful book with the glossy pages, remarkable pictures and quick yet informative references. Perfect for the new believer, a Confirmation class, a Bible Study or anyone looking to delve deeper into the meaning of the Bible, Neil Wilson and Nancy Ryken Taylor definitely compiled a useful, descriptive source. Both tangible and spiritual meanings are explored as well as historic content translated to contemporary significance. Exceptional!

5+ (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The A to Z Guide to Bible Signs and Symbols from Baker Books for my honest review*


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