Black Coat With A Silver Lining

Yalian, Elizabeth.  Black Coat With A Silver Lining: A Homeless Man Finds Hope.  CreateSpace Publishing.  2014.

coatA former foster child, Nick finds himself living and barely surviving on the streets.   Homeless and desperate, Nick relishes an Italian dinner yet ends up stealing a car instead, perhaps the car belonging to a criminal.  When inner turmoil sets in, Nick is faced with decisions that could impact his future…and it all may hinge on a black coat…

I must admit this is not my usual genre of books yet I found it to be truly thought-provoking, humbling, educational and well-written.  Drawing attention to an often overlooked and ignored issue of homelessness, Elizabeth Yalian takes a sensitive approach through a page- turning fictional piece to make the reader consider it.  This book may work well for a church ministry group or even an introduction to a Bible study and/ or mission.  Elizabeth, thank-you for sharing your book with me as well as your compassion.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Black Coat With A Silver Lining from the author and Booklovers1 for my honest review*


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