Hungry For God

Hatcher, Lori. Hungry For God: Starving For Time: Five-Minute Devotions For Busy Women. Raleigh, NC: Straight Street Books. 2014.

FivePacked full like a spiritual Power Bar, Hungry For God starts each devotional with Facetime (questions you would love to ask God face-to-face), followed by a personal story, truths and ideas for action, scripture verses and questions to ponder. Each five-minute devotion addresses thoughts and experiences women are challenged with daily (Bad Hair Days, Grumpiness, Green Bean Wars, Hopeless in Chocolate) and offers sound advice to consider…

Seriously, who is not busy these days? Who doesn’t always take the time to invite God into their hectic lives and schedules? Lori Hatcher allows us to take 5 minutes…just 5 minutes out of our day to connect with God and adjust our attitudes, realign our thoughts and quite possibly improve our days. Full of sound Bible references, down-to-earth thinking, connecting stories, and some questions I would like to ask God myself, Hungry For God is a Power Bar I devoured (and no calories!). Visit Lori Hatcher at her blog:…she has faith-filled messages and is wonderful to chat with! (Lori, how about a sequel?)

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Hungry For God from the author for my honest review*


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