Steel Will

Harris, Shilo. Cox, Robin Overby. Steel Will: My Journey Through Hell To Become The Man I Was Meant To Be. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Publishing. 2014.

steelHaving withstood childhood with a father suffering from PTSD due to the Vietnam War, Shilo Harris enlists after the 9-11 tragedy. While in Iraq, his Humvee is struck with an IED setting off such an intense trial of survival. Through many surgeries, extreme pain, heartache and hard decisions, Staff Sgt. (Ret) Shilo Harris realizes perhaps this is the man God intended him to be…

Incredible! Steel Will is so appropriately named…after the many difficult ordeals, anguish and suffering endured, a strong will, his committed family and faith in God is what brought him through it all. As a true role model, a team player, a compassionate educator, a father and a husband, Shilo Harris is also a genuine American. Though raised by his father for the service, his success in the military came from pure heart. Well written from a story obviously well lived and told, Steel Will will bring you to tears as well as make you smile. Thank-you Shilo…to both you and your family!!

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Steel Will from Baker Publishing for my honest review*


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