The Stress Cure

Sheperd, Linda Evans. The Stress Cure: Praying Your Way to Personal Peace. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell Publishing. 2014.

stressEveryone deals with stress in some form. In her book,  Linda Sheperd explains, encourages and emboldens you to pray away stress towards a life of peace. Through Bible characters, personal stories, prayer examples and bits of wisdom, The Stress Cure may help you do just that…find the cure for your stress.

With many different “cures” for stress on the market (exercise more, eat better, relax often), this was a different approach (a stronger one). Linda Sheperd suggests battling your stress through prayer…not just any prayer, but trusting and committed prayer. Feeling God’s presence and control over your life should help overcome the stress. With chapters full of different causes/ types of stress (Negativity, Anxiousness, Frustration, Hopelessness), The Stress Cure is organized like a devotional or Bible Study with room to journal ideas or thoughts. Overwhelmed by stress can be a difficult way to live but finding God’s peace through prayer may help. To quote the author, “God is with you. He’s at work in your circumstances now.” That has to alleviate some stress!!

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Stress Cure from Revell Publishing for my honest review*


2 thoughts on “The Stress Cure

  1. Sounds like a worthwhile read!!! Stress is a part of everyone’s life and a strong method to help with it is always welcomed…thanks for the review!

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