The Ride of Your Life

Howerton, Mike. The Ride of Your Life. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Publishing. 2014.

bikeRiding a bike can be scary yet rewarding all at the same time. With a dad at your side to encourage and catch you if you fall, the same analogy can be applied to faith…faith like a child. Through a set of five essential life lessons modeled after teaching his young son to ride a bike, Mike Howerton shows what life can be if we take the leap of faith…

Through a clever comparison to learning to ride a bike, the author parallels child-like faith to a life of opportunities when we trust in God. Though not necessarily new ideas, the correlation was a helpful reminder of the important things in life as well as a refresher of the knowledge that our heavenly Father will not let us fall if we trust in Him completely (thus, with the faith of a child). With corresponding chapters to riding a bike (Slamming on the Brakes, Avoiding Obstacles, Get Back On and Get Moving), the theme was consistent and easy to follow. With lots of personal stories throughout, The Ride of Your Life would be a good devotional, a gift for a parent, encouragement for a new-believer or even a Bible Study.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Ride of Your Life from Baker Publishing for my honest review*


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