Under the Heavens

Nye, Thomas. Under the Heavens: Amish Horses Series, Book 1. USA: CrossLink Publishing. 2013.

horsesCity-boy Lenny struggles with his identity as most teenage boys do; however, spending a summer on the Amish family farm throws a whole new twist into discovering who he truly is and will become. A simpler life chock-full of adventure and  new skills, Lenny soon realizes there may be more to life than the big city…

Vividly worded to share life on an Amish farm, Thomas Nye does a splendid job of descriptive writing. Draft horses, thunderstorms, pastures and family barns all become real as the story progresses. Having vast knowledge with Amish draft horses as well as Amish neighbors, the author weaves a beautiful tale involving both aspects. Throw in a bit of romance, faith, picturesque wording and an enjoyable story unravels even though I don’t find myself having much familiarity with horses. Though not necessarily a fast-paced novel, the softer, simpler side of reading comes through which I appreciated. Book 1 in the Amish Horses series, I will consider continuing with further books in the series.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Under the Heavens from BookCrash for my honest review*


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