A Lady in France

Goutet, Jennie. A Lady in France. Printed in the USA. 2013.

franceWritten as a memoir, A Lady in France takes you on a life-journey laced with hope, loss, love, addiction, determination, faith and spirit. What starts out as a dream soon escalates into so much more, much of what was unseen as well as unpredictable. A beautiful book filled with life lessons and learning to accept yourself…

Not my usual genre of a book to read but I am actually glad I did! Beautifully written, author Jennie Goutet has a strong command of the English written language and it shines through in her memoir. Through achievements, loss, travel and experiencing faith, she shares her story which will make you consider your own course of life. Uniquely individual, I appreciated the honesty with which she conveys her story which is her own. The only problem I had with the novel occurred with the hard copy as the font was too small but it was easily fixable on my eReader version. I am not sure if the author has future writing plans, but if she does, I would definitely consider reading more of her work as I admire her manner of prose.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of A Lady In France from the author, Jennie Goutet, for my honest review*


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