Dekker, Ted. Hacker (Outlaw Chronicles). Brentwood, TN: Worthy Publishing. 2014.

hackerNyah Parks needs money…big money…and quickly. Using her skills as a genius hacker, Nyah hacks into a company’s security system in the hopes of receiving a job; however, she stumbles into trouble beyond her wildest imagination. Teaming up with her friend, Austin, Nyah enters a world she never knew existed. Coupled with futuristic aspects, faith, “Deditio” (meaning surrender in Latin), reality and consequences, Ted Dekker once again provides a thrilling read…

How does he do it? Ted Dekker writes yet another novel which partners real-life circumstances along with a parable causing the pages to turn quickly late into the night. While telling the story, the author actually encouraged me to consider my own life as a vessel for God’s mission here on earth. Such an adventurous and thrilling read yet packed with subtle messages of faith, hope, trust, selfishness and contentment. Part of the Outlaw Chronicles, Hacker was another excellent addition to that series. Simply amazing. (I truly hope he continues this series while I read his other works in the meantime.)

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Hacker (Outlaw Chronicles) from Worthy Publishing for my honest review*


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