The Secrets of the Montebellis

Colwell, Cheryl. The Secrets of the Montebellis. USA: Inspired Fiction Books. 2013.

montebellisLisa Richards is in a controlling relationship but is working on a plan to find a way out. Included in that idea is a plan to redevelop the town of her ancestors, investigate Fire Mountain whose mine used to contain fire opals, stay involved with her son yet out of her husband’s path, work secretly with the powerful Montebelli Corporation and try to figure out Steven Taylor…

I am not sure what exactly I was expecting from this novel but it delivered. The storyline kept moving yet not in a straight line…the twists and turns kept coming…even the cover of the book had me guessing and wondering. Well written and very well mapped out, this book paid close attention to detail with hints and clues scattered throughout. On a side note, I really liked the bit larger size of the book, the sturdier pages and whiter paper. Cheryl Colwell is an author I would read again, especially should she continue to write suspense novels.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Secrets of the Montebellis from the author and BookCrash for my honest review*


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